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The driving concept of MOTIVhATE is to: Use and Transform Hate into Motivation. MOTIVhATE will create awareness regarding anti-hate across all demographics and prejudices. The idea to motivate individuals affected by hatred, to empower them to convert that negative energy, is at the core of MOTIVhATE.

MOTIVhATE has a simple mission: educate victims to better handle intersections with hatred and help perpetrators to understand why the temporary gratification they experience is so terribly misplaced.

People need knowledge, they crave understanding and without both are left to fill the void in some other way. MOTIVhATE is obviously idealistic, but what great change in any of society’s flawed history did not have its start with a great idea? The actions of the idealists at MOTIVhATE are firmly driven by the past, intensely focused on the current and contain great hope for a far more humane future.

Through awareness, education and positive peer pressure, a grass roots movement is anticipated that will be capable of halting, then reversing, the negative social atmosphere where hatred exists. A positive space for dramatic change will emerge and the majority of people, good people, will participate. Those who are determined to hold onto hate will find themselves in an insignificant and far less relevant minority.

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